• Integrity and Excellence

    Posted by Kenneth Samland on 8/20/2017

    Integrity and Excellence

    I believe that life can be summarized by two ideas...Integrity and Excellence.  I believe that whether you succeed or fail in life, or at any goal, it is determined by your Integrity and your desire for Excellence.

    Integrity is the primary idea concerned with the moral character of an individual.  It is the big picture. All decisions and motivation fall into this one category alone.  Are your actions building-up or tearing-down, either yourself or the people around you?

    Excellence speaks more to the practical day-to-day discipline needed to achieve our goals.  Are you doing everything needed to build yourself up?  Are you maximizing your success by being prepared for the task; enough sleep, proper nutrition, well organized?

    Let’s consider homework.  Certainly, not completing one's homework can be taken as a failure of Integrity. It is disrespectful to the teacher as well as the parent who works to send the student to school.  In the end, almost all things are a matter Integrity,  however, it is definitely a failure in Excellence as well.  It is a failure in self-discipline, in time management, in focus, and in organization.

    It is my goal, and hopefully the goal of each parent and student, to elevate the student in both Integrity and Excellence.  Unless that it done, the student simply cannot reach their potential and will continue to struggle throughout their academic career.

    I believe it is the teacher and parent’s responsibility to help in this.  We present the material as best we can, we provide resources … pens, pencils, notebooks, a place to study, study time, good food, and clean clothes.  But the student must bring the desire.  They must have Integrity and strive for Excellence.


    Some Rules for Excellence ... What does Excellence look like?

    These are non-negotiables.  These are biological and psychological rules that you cannot change.  You cannot reach Excellence if you are cluttered, eating junk food, and getting 4 hours of sleep.   Sorry.


    A Rule for Integrity

    Be considerate.  This means to consider others before doing something.  It is the student’s responsibility to be respectful to their fellow classmates and to the adults around them.  The classroom is a learning environment and it is the student’s responsibility to limit distractions so that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. This is also non-negotiable.  If you are a distraction or have limited self-control, this is will not be tolerated and a parent or guardian meeting will be necessary.

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