• Wilson Captains Club

  • This club was formed with captains from each of our sports teams with the goal to provide character development, improve leadership, and student involvement in the community.  The club meets about once a month with the goals of improving themselves as leaders, improving the Wilson Athletic Department and Wilson Central School District, and committing to improving the Wilson community through community service efforts.

    “The strength of the group is the strength of its leaders.” Vince Lombardi

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  • What We're Up To...

    Workshop Topics:
    How to become better leaders 
    Characteristics of captains we admire
    How we can make our teams better
    Being a leader when mistakes happen 
    National Student-Athlete Day
    Avoiding Common Mistakes by Captains

    Community Service:
    Volunteered at Greenwood Cemetery for spring cleaning and landscaping of the grounds.
    Read to Wilson Elem school children
    Volunteered at Wilson Athletics Wall of Fame event
    Spoke to Wilson MS classes about Wilson sports: expectations, preparation, offerings, and the Wilson Orangemen Award.
    Volunteered at the winter "Snowflake Shop"
    Thank you cards to influential teachers and coaches

    Breakfast and presentation by Wilson Wall of Fame alumni Mark Woodard (class of 2008) and Bobby Hartz (class of 2013). The speakers gave an overview of their exceptional athletic careers at Wilson and also discussed the impact that playing high school sports had on their life.