Public Library Card

  • Don't have a public library card yet?
    The NIOGA public library system offers tens of thousands of online books and materials. A copy of the application from the Wilson Community Library may be found here. To apply through the Ransomville Free Library, please find the application here. It's a great time to fill out your application at home, and then bring it to the library to request your free card. 
    * All NYS residents may also apply for the New York (CIty) Public Library card, giving them access to over 300,000 eBooks and audiobooks. Learn more about the SimplyE program here.
    If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Miss Mahar at school, or reach out to Meghan Brauer (Wilson Community Library) or Phila Ibaugh (Ransomville Free Library). 

'Shelve these books' game

  • Think you could work in the library? Practice shelving books in alphabetical order with this fun game!