• Students: This website contains a lot of material to help you succeed in this year's class. Your homework, notes, labs, extra credit, and numerous study materials are on this website. Feel free to explore the site and email me anytime you have a question. Make sure and check this website often to prepare for class. Don't forget to use Castle Learning to review your exams.

    • Parents: Find out your child's future homework assignments, and check out their notes, labs, or other activities that are happening in science class! If you go through the notes with your child, you can see what they have learned and help them with more difficult concepts. You may spark interesting conversations and help them bring great questions to our classroom.
      Please contact me if you have any questions.

    • Community: Please review this website and send me any suggestions you may have to help make this a more useful place of communication.

    Our Virtual Classroom

    • Students will join our virtual classroom at the assigned time using google meet on google classroom.
    • Students will need to be visible (not an icon or emoji) in order to receive attendance credit.
    • Students will need to participate in our virtual lessons. All of our lessons will have a record of your participation.
    • Students will follow Wilson's code of conduct for all forms of virtual communication. 
      Remember that your virtual classroom is still a Wilson Central School district classroom. 
      All normal behavioral expectations apply. Even if you are sitting at home on your couch while attending class virtually.  You are using a district account to access your virtual classroom so all school rules should be followed.
      • This means that you should be properly dressed.
      • This means that your language - both written and spoken should be appropriate.
      • This means that you should be respectful and kind to your teachers and your peers.

    *If you do not meet these basic expectations there will be consequences consistent with the district disciplinary policy.  

    Digital Etiquette