• Mental Wellness Quote of the Week:

    "The art of peaceful living comes down to living compassionately and wisely."

    ~Allan Lokos~ 


    Wilson Logo

    Vision Statement

    Be an excellent School District where all students master the standards set by New York State and the Wilson Central School District. To this end staff, Parents and community will assist and support students in meeting their responsibilities to achieve mastery level performance. 


    We recognize that to be effective, human beings must work in a spirit of mutual understanding; therefore, we must establish and maintain open lines of communication between students, professional staff, Board of Education and community. 

    A Philisophy of Education for the Wilson Central School District will enable Board of Education members, administrators, teachers, students and citizenry to establish directions and priorities for the assignment of resources in order to facilitate student growth and to create an educational setting which will result in positive attitudes toward our school system and life-long learning. This will be possible only if lines of communication are kept open. 



    High School and Middle School

    P.O. Box 648 

    374-380 Lake Street

    Wilson, NY 14172

    (716) 751.9341 Ext. 100

    Attendance Office: Mornings - Ext. 112; Afternoons - Ext. 111


    Elementary School

    430 Young Street

    Wilson, NY 14172

    (716) 751.9341 Ext. 117 or 133

    Attendance Office: Ext. 133