• On September 6, 2016, New York State passed a law (NYCRR Title 10, Subpart 67-4) requiring public school districts to test their water outlets for lead contamination and to implement a lead remediation plan where necessary. The Wilson School District is committed to protecting our students, teachers, staff and community health. 

    In compliance with this legislation, the Wilson Central School District has completed water testing at all of our schools and buildings for the 2020 New York State mandated lead testing.  The water sampling and reports were conducted by LaBella Associates, a New York State Environmental Consultant. We have sampled over 240 water outlets across the Wilson School District. Reports have been posted for Wilson Elementary School, Wilson High School/Middle School and the Industrial Arts Building.

    Please see the link below for water test results and letter from Superintendent.

    Water Test Results

    Letter from the Superintendent

    For information about water quality and sampling for lead at home, contact the Niagara County Department of Health at 716-439-7452.