• Below is a Google Form that can be used to inform the District Coordinator about bullying and/or harrassment you have witnessed or personally experienced 24 hours/7 days a week.  By completing and submitting the form, the DASA Coordinator will receive notification of your report and inform the School Building Administrator.

    Below the form are the DASA Building Coordinators and cooresponding contact numbers.

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  • You may also contact the Dignity Act Coordinators at their respective buildings.

    Mrs. Amanda Schaus - CO District Coordinator
    716-751-9341 ext.162

    Mr. Daniel Johnson - HS Principal/Coordinator
    716-751-9341 ext. 114

    Mr. Jeff Roth - HS Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
    716-751-9341 ext. 174

    Mr. Scott Benton - MS Principal/Coordinator
    716-751-9341 ext. 123

    Mr. John Diodate - WES Principal/Coordinator
    716-751-9341 ext. 118