• Wilson Orangemen Award
     The strong tradition of the Wilson Orangemen Award dates back to the creation of the Wilson All-Sports Booster Club in 1970.  One of the first tasks of the group was to create an award to acknowledge the student-athletes who were willing and able to play three sports a year for all four years of high school.  Mitch Carr was the award's first recipient in 1971.  His gift was a varsity jacket... a priceless item in 1971.  
    Today we continue the tradition of the Orangemen.  Wilson student-athletes can earn an Orangemen Award by competing in three school-sponsored sports for all four years of high school.  The school-sponsored sports that would qualify a student-athlete for an Orangemen would be: (one from each season)

    Fall Sports:
    Field Hockey
    Girls Soccer
    Boys Soccer
    Cross Country
    Cross Country
    Girls Volleyball
    Winter Sports:
     Girls Basketball
    Boys Basketball
     Spring Sports:
    Boys Track & Field
    Girls Track & Field
    Boys Lacrosse
    The Wilson All-Sports Booster Club, in conjunction with the Wilson Athletic Department, is proud to give each student-athlete a gift to memorialize this great achievement.  The Orangemen Award will be given at the Spring Sports Awards.