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We began working in Unit 1 in Math this week and will continue with this unit for the next few weeks.  The children are learning to add and subtract by using benchmark numbers.  This will not only help the children become more efficient with solving math problems, but will help them to understand and visualize the meaning of each concepts.   This is a very interactive Unit and the children are having fun learning these new concepts.


We will be doing our math practice and homework in school for the most part this year so that I can assist them.  If your chld does come home with homework it is because he/she was unable to complete the work in class.   I ask that you please complete that work at home and return it to school the next day.

Please try to practice basic math facts on a regular basis, so that the children can maintain their facts. 


You can help your child this week with math by discussing how to make numbers up to ten in relation to the following: 5 above and 1 below is 5+1=6